We Buy Houses in the NC Triad!

Sell Your House in the Triad to us and Pay No Agent Fees. We Buy in any condition, which means No Repairs or Cleaning required. Find Out How Our Home Buying Process Works!

We’re Winston Salem locals with a desire to help people in challenging situations sell their home quickly, in as-is condition. We’re not realtors! We pay cash, we close fast, and we solve problems. We aim to get you the most money possible for your home, regardless of location, condition, or circumstance. We keep it simple by cutting out the middleman (agents, banks, etc.). We make same day offers and can close on your schedule. Our goal is to create a win-win and get you to a brighter place.

Get your all-cash offer started today!

How Does It Work?

The process is simple. Since we cut out the middleman (agents, banks, etc.) we can close fast:

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Fill Out the Form

Send us a few details (e.g. address) through the form.

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Schedule Your Appointment

Invite us to look at your property so we can do our due diligence.

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Pick a Closing Date

We’ll make you an offer and if it works for you, we agree on a closing date.

Who is This For?

Maybe you’re losing sleep because you’re behind on your payments or taxes; or you’re an older adult without the ability to prepare your house to list with a realtor; or perhaps you’re a tired landlord needing to downsize. There are many reasons a homeowner needs to avoid long waiting times, inspections, or repairs. You still deserve a fair offer!

Too Many Repairs/can’t clean?

Baby Boomer/older adult?

Damage from fire or water?

Don’t want to pay a realtor?

Avoiding foreclosure?

Tired landlord?

Whether you’re in foreclosure, going through divorce, or simply need to let go of a house you don’t want, you’re in the right place. Whatever the reason, we step in where traditional agents or banks fail to provide value. With us you can skip the 6% commission you’d otherwise pay an agent, and we’ll do our darndest to get you an offer that works for you.

Our Solution is Simple!

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It all starts with filling out the form below. This doesn’t cost a dime and you have no obligation to accept our offer!

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What Can You Expect?

Cash For Your House on Your Terms

We Close on Your Schedule

We can typically close on your timeline. Need more than 2-4 weeks? No problem. Fill in the form, get an offer from us, and pick your closing date.

No Repairs Needed

Roof leaking? Appliances out of date? Property uninhabitable?? Fear not. We’re in the business of renovating houses, so we’ll take it all. Sell your house to us without touching a paintbrush!

No Need To Clean

Has it been years since you cleaned your fridge? Are you certain to have dirty laundry hiding in a corner somewhere? We’re not phased; we’ve seen it all and we’re not here to judge. Our job is to make the process easy for you, so don’t stress. Just leave behind anything you don’t want (and we mean it)!

100% Free Services

Our consultation, walkthrough, and offer are all free. We even pay your closing costs. And remember, you have zero obligation to accept our offer. With literally nothing to lose, come see what a cash offer looks like for you!

When We Say Don’t Clean, We Mean it!

Our job is to unburden you. When we buy your house, you don’t have to worry about repairs or cleaning. We take care of all that. Just grab what you want and leave the rest!

Let’s Summarize the Benefits

The power behind our offer is that we’re dealing with our own money. No banks, lenders, agents or third parties to delay the process. This allows us to provide unique value to homeowners needing to sell fast and/or without the hassle.

A Same-Day Fair Market Offer

We present same day offers after we visit your house. Visit our How It Works page to understand more about the offer process.

Absolutely No Realtors

Because we work directly with you and bring our own cash, we have no need for realtors or their hefty commission fees.

You’re Charged $0

It costs you absolutely nothing to work with us, and we cover all closing costs.

No Closing Costs

That’s right, we cover all closing costs!

No Hassle

No repairs, no cleaning, no fuss! In most cases we do rehab anyway, so don’t worry about fixing anything. We’ve got it!

We Can Beat Any Fair Market Offer

We are so confident in our fair market offers, we believe we beat out other offers. Just fill out the form to find out!

Give Us a Chance

In working with other homeowners, we believe we’ve come to understand your needs and concerns. We know you want to know how much cash you’ll get, how fast you’ll get it, whether we’re legitimate, and if we have your best interests in mind. Know that we take what we do very seriously and we’re aware that unless we make you the best offer, you won’t accept it or refer us to others. We’ll do our best to earn your trust. Get to know us a bit more on our About Us page and see if we’re the right home buyers for you.

We Always Give Our Best and Highest Offers

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